Our work process

Our Work Process

Our professionals provide a result-driven holistic approach that streamlines your business processes, eliminates bottlenecks and complexities, and elevates your performance to a new spectrum.



Project analysis is the first approach we follow to acknowledge your present challenges. It helps us to understand your individual goals and roadmap our work process. Our highly-specialized analysts overview your work requirements and explore the project from different angles. After thorough observation and careful diagnosis, we give a full report on the present status of your project. Whether your work requires customization needs or merely a completely new start, we will tell right in the beginning. Further, we move forward by explaining our course of action, the technologies we will use, the budget, and the project deadline. 



Meticulous brainstorming is key fundamental behind successful software development. After a detailed insight on your project, our next step is to brainstorm our ideas and suggest recommendations for your project. Our highly qualified and experienced professionals delve into a deep understanding of the project goal and your specific requirements. Furthermore, we will share our valuable pieces of advice on what course of action we will take to meet your expectations. We implement project acquisition strategies and also suggest innovative ideas to drive our work process forward.



Software design plays a crucial role in software development. In the development phase, the whole structure of the project is made ready with the final prototype. We consider designs as the primary step to roadmap the project as per your work requirements. At SanSoft, we have an entire team of front-end developers and coding expertise for designing. Our skilled designers use markup language, style sheet languages, and JavaScript frameworks to build a stunning and aesthetic design.



Development is perhaps the longest stage of software creation that commences after successful design. The process involves writing a set of instructions to convert the design document into original software. Once the design is ready, our coding enthusiasts come into play. We have a team of programmers skilled in website development, web application, and mobile development technologies responsible for writing efficient codes and ensure that the code meets the actual software requirements.



Bugs and red flags need special care and holistic treatment. Handling them in the initial stages saves a lot of time and strenuous efforts. Now that the software is all set to go, it’s time for a final test. The built-up gets forwarded to the testing team to check tweaks and glitches. We have a specialized team who takes care of testing the software and quality check. Our QA specialist goes the extra mile to run a series of tests to deliver glitch-free, quality-assured software.



Software deployment is as essential as any other software development process like designing or development. With years of practice and mastery in the IT industry, our experts know the tools on the trade on how to deploy software seamlessly. Once we get the verification from the testing team, we call for the final implementation and make the software market-ready. After a series of step-by-step software build-up procedures, we finally deploy the software.

Every business is unique, and yours is no different.

Undoubtedly, you will have a specific set of requirements and motivation for opting for a software solution. Simply put, what works well for one may or may not be an ideal choice for all.